GCAF Video Contest


Attention all Directors, Actors, Producers, Cameramen UTubers, Viners, and Vbloggers the Golden Coast Adventure Faire AND BerryFest Strawberry Festival is giving away 2 $1000.00 prizes for the best video creation of our mutual event.

This contest is open to all film enthusiasts who enter and receive a confirmation from our administrator.

All confirmed entrants will be given an official T-shirt for up to 5 team members. To be accepted You should provide links to examples of your work, State where you received any film training and education (Including self-taught). And what your primary focus will be (Families having fun, Entertainers, showcasing incredible costumes, Interviews with Patrons, Entertainers, and Vendors, creative video collages, or other), acknowledge and follow all rules of the contest and the Fair itself.

If selected You will be granted special access to our event and entertainment, promotional materials and events including TV footage from interviews and onsite news footage. As well as previous years photos and video where available.

Additional consideration will be given to those who creatively utilize social media during the contest period, this includes but is not limited to Live feeds, Postings of pictures and video, animation, interactions between costumed actors and guests (Permissions are required as stated in the rules). Staged man on the street promotional.

Entrants may receive compensated opportunities at future events.


Deadline has been extended to Thursday, May 24, 5pm. Via flash drive

Golden Coast Adventure Faire
P.O. box 424
Elverta, Ca. 95626


Contest Rules